Text Sig Request

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Text Sig Request

Post by VThokies9x on Fri 14 Nov 2008, 1:36 pm

3. Size: designers choice...bigger then the 1 in the link i posted under font
4. Text: NoVaCaiiN
5. Render:
6. Main Colors: blue and silver...or designers choice
7. Font: http://gamebattles.com/forums/t/RANK-19th-Tean-Unknown-need-logo-1719565 <--- idk what ever unreals is
8. Extras: if u could make it a mirror or reflecting text...and put a mlg logo in it somewhere if it looks dumb then dont use it
9. Link To Your Team: for the forums not team

Thank You and like the new site :)


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Re: Text Sig Request

Post by iLoGiikzZ x on Sat 15 Nov 2008, 2:59 am

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